Vacuum Instructions
For Use

To Use Groom Hero™ with a Vacuum

The Double K Industries Groom Hero™ Equine Grooming Brush removes hair, dander and grass from your horses, large animals, dogs, furniture, carpets and more.

The Groom Hero™ equine brush is the easy way to brush and clean your dog for a healthy, lustrous coat.

The Groom Hero™ brush kit is made of durable, high quality materials to provide long, reliable service. We’re confident you will use the Groom Hero™ brush for many years.


Choose brush or curry pin insert

The Groom Hero Vacuum Equine Brush Kit comes with a curry pin brush and a bristle brush that can be easily changed depending on need.

Install desired insert into handpiece

Install from the rear and push forward, lining up the rear tabs until fully seated.

Step 2

Step 3

Attach To Vacuum

For vacuum hose ends 1¼ inches through 2 inches, press vacuum hose end into flexible adaptor securely. Connection becomes stronger when vacuum is turned on.

Step 4

If Hose is 2¼ in.: Remove the Rubber Gasket

The Groom Hero™ brush will function if your vacuum hose end is 2¼ in. Remove the rubber gasket as shown before inserting vacuum hose.

Step 5

Connect Adaptor and Brush

Insert the rotating tip into the back of the brush handpiece as far as it will go.

Step 6

Strap Handpiece to Hand

Grasp handpiece through strap. Tighten strap around back of hand. The handpiece can be used without this strap if preferred.

Step 7

Brush Horse or Surface

Turn on vacuum cleaner and, using a normal brushing motion, brush horses to groom, detangle and massage. Brush surfaces to capture and remove debris, hair and fur.